A Jock learns he isnt as good as he thought

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Jock learns he isnt as good as he thought

It was another warm spring day down at the local college, Cheryl and her dorm mate Jessica were walking along the sidewalk talking. Cheryl was a full hd xvideo download stunning beauty, a tall /brunette/sexy-brunette/">sexy brunette at about 5” 10””. She wore a light pink button up shirt, black pants and high heels. Her dark sunglasses covered her eyes and brought a radiant look to her creamy white skin. Her long dark brown hair bobbed along and swished about with her step.
Jessica was a fairly pretty /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl with short black hair, she looked short next to Cheryl as they walked along together.

At that moment further down the road, a senior frat boy jock in his car was making some passes at a /blonde/">blonde freshman who was passing by. She ignored him and kept on walking, though she blushed from the embarrassment.

”Look at that guy” Cheryl said, ”what a loser.”

”Seriously,” Jessica shook her head, ”I”d like to knock him in the face.”

”Crud, he's coming this way” Cheryl said, ”Actually” I”ve got an idea.” She whispered something to Jessica. Jessica started to laugh.

”No, I”ve got to get to class, you have fun though!” Jessica gave her a wink.

”Damn you lookin” fine!” 

Cheryl turned her head to the speaker as Jessica walked off.

”Hey /bitch/">bitch, how ”bout a ride in my car?” He asked stroking the passenger's seat.

Cheryl lowered her sunglasses to him, revealing beautiful hazel eyes. ”Alright, c'mon lets go to a motel.” Cheryl said passively, opening the convertible's red door and sitting down.

”Wha? Wait a second”” the jock was then interrupted.

”What do you wanna get laid or not? Geez, I haven't got all day!” Cheryl snapped, now c'mon lets head to a motel.

Completely taken by /surprise/">surprise , the jock followed her orders and began driving to the nearest motel. All along the way he shot glances at her as if to make surre she was actually still there.

”Uh” I'm Arnold, by the way” he mumbled.

”Whatever” Cheryl was putting on some lipstick, ”You got a condom?”

Arnold shook his head.

”Damn,” she sighed, ”you must not do this often, okay pull over at a drug store and I'll get one.”

They pulled over at a Rite-Aid, Cheryl got down and about 3 minutes later was back with a packet of condoms. ”Here,” she tossed the to him.

Arnold looked at the packet, which read small size, ”I took the liberty of guessing.” Cheryl explained.

They reached the motel soon and checked in. Cheryl looked around the room, it was small, the paint was pealing and bed looked pretty busted, but it would have to do. She took off her sunglasses and began unbuttoning her shirt.

”So shall we get started right away?” she threw the shirt over a chair, and began undoing her black bra.

”Uh sure,” Arnold said as if coming out of a dream he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor.

Cheryl came near him her breasts exposed and bouncing as she walked slowly to him, her black pants still on. She put her leg around his and slowly rubbed it up and down. Arnold was a bit dumb founded, he stood as if not knowing what to do, he had seen it before in porno flicks at least. As he was thinking this she roughly pushed him onto the bed. Then got down on her knees and began undoing his jeans and then reached in and pulled out his dick.

”Dang,” she said, ”I should have got extra small! This thing is only probably 5 inches””

”Hey look,” Arnold said, getting up a little ”are you just gonna insult me the whole time or what?”

”Think about it this way bub,” Cheryl said looking at him right in the eyes, ”From what I”ve seen, you”re never going to get it on with anyone like me ever again. So, you ought to be pretty grateful right now!”

Arnold was stunned, but his libido overwhelmed his ego and he was satisfied by the argument. 

Cheryl pulled off his boxers and jeans and began to suck and rub his cock, her tounge worked around his head until it was dripping wet when suddenly it quivered and a mass of hot white cum sprayed onto her face.

”Geez, couldn't even hold it that long?” She said whipping the mess off her face, ”well I'm not done yet, even if you are.” Then, Cheryl took off her pants and panties and climbed onto the bed.

Arnold was still recovering from his orgasm, but she took the small condom and put it onto his dick, then she slid it into her pussy. She began fuck him moving up and down, her breasts bounced and her hair sprawled around her, he moaned, paralyzed by the pleasure.

Then she felt him rupture again and got off, he was panting and sweaty all over. While Cheryl was still ready for more. ”I barely even felt that one,” she said. ”Well I'm sick of free porn movies download being dominant, c'mon, you”re the man here. Or close enough, fuck me.”