Happy birthday

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Happy birthday

So it was Tom birthday. Hmm thought Tom, what was Sarah going to give him?. He liked her very much. He was planning to ask Sarah out. He did not when. He knew Sarah liked him too. The way she smiled when she saw him....

'Tom' she called. He got up swiftly and saw her standing at the door.
'Yes what is it?', he said nervously.
'Nothing I just wanted to see where you were', she replied shrugging.
'Right', he answered. Come on he urged himself, ask her out....
'I've got you a present but we'll wait until everyone's gone', she said smiling. Tom just stared as she disappeared out of the room. What did that mean he wondered. He got up and went down to see what everybody was up to.

It was eleven when everbody left. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. He was very dissappointed. He went up to his room and closed the door and to his shock found Sarah sitting on his bed.
'Sarah..' he began, but in a swift xnxxv sunny leone video movement she had embraced herself in a kiss. He was stunned. After that she told him that she liked him as well. She walked to the window and took her shirt off to reveal a pink bra.
'This', she whispered, 'is your birthday present'
Tom moved forward and kissed her again and slowly removed her bra revealing . He gently sucked her nipple while she moaned softly. He broke the kiss and asked her to lie on his bed. She went over to the bed and lied down. Tom then removed her shoes and real forced anal against her will skirt. In her red stockings and beautful body she was looking a goddess thought Tom. He then removed her stockings to reveal beautiful with red nail-polish. He then removed her revealing her puusy. He told her to open her legs. Then he began to suck her pussy, the smell was arousing hima dn he could feel his penis tightening. He licked her legs and sucked her sweaty toes. 

Sarah then asked HIM to lie on the bed. Tom lied down and she took his shirt off and sucked his nipples. She then took his pants off and with another swift movement she had pulled his under pants down as well and was stroking his penis. He moaned while she started sucking it. He never had sex before. It was a wonderful feeling. She sucked his penis harder and harder. Then she told Tom to fuck her. Shelied on the bed, Tom placed her legs on his shoulders and started fucking her. She moaned 'aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh', whcih seemed to trun Ton on: he loved girls moaning. She kept moaning, Tom took her foot in his mouth while fucking her.

After a while Sarah asked Tom to suck her . Tom was nervous but her seemed to arouse him. She sat in a doggy postion and Tom bent down and sucked her small hole. She moaned loudly but Tom kept sucking. He could feel her juices dribling down her thighs. He suddenly started sucking her with her juices. He then stood up and she sucked his penis making him cum. He moaned while licked all his cum.

What a birthday gift he thought vageuly watching Sarah licking his penis.