First time out part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
First time out part 2

After having experienced being out in public dressed up for the /first-time/">first time it was obvious I would want more of it. After leaving the adult theater I decided to take it to the next level. I Stopped off at a local all night store and went in to make a purchase. I picked up the things that I needed and preceeded to the check out. The young man behind the counter smiled and asked it that would be all. I a soft voice I said yes and paid him for my purchases. As he handed me my change he said "thank you mam". I walked to the car smiling having passed my second test for the night. 

As I drove down the highway I began to wonder with it would be like to live like this on a regular basis. The sensations I was feeling were real and felt wonderful. As I came upon a truck I looked down and my dress had fallen open exposing the top of my thighs. There was a sudden rush at the excitement of exposing myself to thisunsuspecting stranger. As I passed I slowed so that I was next to the cab of his truck so that he would get a good long look. After a few minutes of letting him get his eyes full I pulled ahead and he tooted his horn in approval. The thrill was intense and I knew I would need to find some release again soon so I drove to another /movies/adult-movie/">adult movie here in town and went inside. I paid my admission and entered the movie. I quickly found a seat and sat down and began enjoying the movie.

Soon a couple came and took the empty seats next to me. The woman sat next to me and blowjob porn videos her husband or boyfriend sat next to her. She was dressed up as if they had been out on the town. Soon after they were seated it was plain to see she had her hand in her dates lap and was stroking his now exposed hard on. Soon I felt her hand on my nylon clad thigh. I looked over her way and she smiled as our eyes met. As she ran her hand up and down my thigh I sighed and spread my legs slightly allowing her to run her hand farther up my thigh. As she reached the top of my thigh I tensed knowing that she would soon find my now erect cock under my pantyhose. As her hand moved over my crotch she stopped momentarily but soon began to caress it ever so gently. I looked her way and she smiled and leaned milf porn videos over and whispered to me " ummmm what have wehere". I smiled back and she she reached up and slid her hand under the the waist band or my pantyhose and soon was caressing my cock. Shewhimpered something to her date and turned to me and kissed me while still stroking my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock under my pantyhose. She slid her hand out and took my hand and stood and we walked to the back where the private booths were. To my /surprise/">surprise her date remained behind. 

Once we were in a booth she turned to me and we kissed like to female lovers. Our hands exploring each other. She pushed me back till I was seated and opened the front of my dress and knelt down and pulled my cock free from my pantyhose. She soon had the whole thing sliding into her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth and throat. She moaned as she sucked on it all the while playing withherself. Soon she stood lifted her skirt and turned and told me she had to have it in her. She moved back to me and with extremeprecision she guided it into her /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy. In no time we were fucking like mad. She pushed back hard with each stroke of my cock in her. We fucked like mad for several minutes until we both came in a hugeorgasm. My cock spewing /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum deep into her and her cumming all over my cock. After we were through we helped each other straighten up and kissed . She told me she had neverexperienced anything like that before but told me she wanted to have more of it. She gave me her number and asked me to call her sometime. We kissed again and the we both left the booth. I left the theater and drove back to my hotelrealizing I had just experienced the best of both worlds. I had passed as the woman I wanted to be and had made love to a sexy woman on top of that. Now I was sure I would need more of this.