arjun and rasiya a jingling story

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arjun and rasiya a jingling story

Hi, friends... these is a imaginary story about Arjun and his sexual dreams. story begins in a train. when he was studying he often use train to go for /college/">college. At that time he regularly seen a whole covered Muslim /women/">women. she covered her whole body. Arjun have a crush on Muslim womens from a long time. so he very much interested in looking at her. Only thing that he can see was her eyes. That eyes was truly awesome. Her hand is very whitish. Arjun badly wants to get company with her. But the problem is that, with her a old man always accompanied. He looks like his husband or father. So it is a big problem for Arjun.

One day he followed them and found out that she was studying in a computer centre and that person is her father. she calls her Abba. It was a 1 year coarse white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and still admissions continues. Arjun without wasting time he too joined in class. first step for his dream sex. But it was not easy for him she was hurry to home after class and only after class starts she comes to class. All other time her father with her. So no way to talk with her. And strict class made him more depressed. He always dreams he fucking her. But he got her name, rasiya fathima.  For to take a chance he searched her name.

He found lot of rasiya... but luckily he found a account seems to be her. No wait he send her a request. And put a message Iam your classmate and good morning. Then he ran to Get the train she was too in train. She have a mobile phone look like a good android phone. And she checks it when ever his father sleeps or gets busy. But Arjun request I n facebook didnt got respond for 3 days. But the.  Fourth day he got a message. . "Hi" from rasiya. He fell like heaven. He said I am Arjun your class mate want to be a friend of you. But it takes a another 3 days for a response and the response was "iam married and my husband is in Saudi Arabia".

That was not a shocking news for him because he never wants to marry her. He wants her body only. He brilliantly tried to get more close with her.  And understand that her married life is very /bad/">bad and she was unsatisfied in bed too. And her husband absence made its worse. Then its the time for exploitation. He started his work. Nights were turned to sleepless with chatting with her. Chat turned to flirt. They got in a strong relation. Rasiyas family problem and Arjun desires made it more strong. He observed her father he left her in front of computer centre and go to some where and only come at evening to pick her.

So he made a plan to force rasiya to miss class and go for an outing and come back to centre before her father reach their. After a nice session of talking he made her ok. And he got her permission. It was a Monday after her father dropped her in front of centre. Arjun trickily got her in to a taxi. He was anxious to see her face. And he begged for it. And showed it. hmmm.... no way to explain... she was awesome. . and she removed her outer religious covering and sit with him in salwar and kameez. That was fairly tight and showed her structure. /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs /ass/big-ass/">big ass stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and nice figure. It was a lottery. . bomber lottery for Arjun. They first went to a park. And got a shady place. Rasiya a nice well structured Muslim wife now with a Hindu smart boy. . with sexual desires. . in a shady place. situation is like Newton got apple... But Arjun was aggressive he wants a sudden attack on Muslim body. . hmmm... he started it from her boobs. . she offered a small opposition but he pressed it strongly.

She too got the feelings Quickly. He hugged her and kissed in her lips and put her down. She was worry about anybody see her. But Arjun knows it is the perfect time. He continued... he forced her top neck part and pull it down and the buttons for her top got fell down. He tried to remove her top. she forcefully oppose him to not to remove it in a public place but no use he removed it and put down her bra and he put her breast in to his mouth. She cried like a Horny girl.

Then he kissed her whole body. Whitish body. He thrown away her salwar too. . made her completely nude. . hmmm fully covered Muslim girl turned to fully naked in front of a hindu boy. . arjun fucked her on her vagina... his dreams coming true. . he put his dick in to her vagina... her legs here moved maximum apart and fucked... hmmm. . she was crying "hmmmm... . please do it again and again. "she too turned like a slut and forgot the surrounding. . she hugged Arjun. . two naked bodies rolled in grass floor. He turned her and fucked her from back. And she begged him to get again fuck in vagina.  But he asked her to take his dick for oral fuck. She did it she tasted his dick like ice cream.

Arjun was felt like heaven a Muslim women sucking his dick. After some time rasiya again asked him to fuck her vagina he asked.  Her to throw away her whole dress. She did it. . and again begged for fuck. He asked her to come out of the shade she first not agreed but her uncontrolled sexual desires made her to do that. . she came out. . luckily no one there Arjun fucked her in perfectly open place.. She was a sexual /bitch/">bitch. . made for doing sex..

Arjun did his maximum kindness to that body... she was cried for again and again... her whole dress was lost only that religion black covering dress"pardha" was with her... she used only that and returned to computer centre and returned to home with her father safely. . every body listen her body. . which was like a untied horse jingling and jingling ... . . hmmm Arjun was still in heaven...

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